Cloudbet add support for Ethereum

In practical terms, this does mean though that a bitcoin transaction to or from Cloudbet can theoretically take up to an hour, though in practice this is rarely the case. Now contrast this with Ethereum where a block is mined every 12 seconds, and orphan blocks are allowed, which translates into a much quicker, almost instant transaction. This doesn’t mean that Cloudbet thinks all customers should switch to Ethereum, but if you want to bet in a hurry, it is a great option for example:

  • to take advantage of a live bet
  • to take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity
  • to secure value from a tip before the odds move
  • or simply because time is very valuable to you, often the case with VIPs
  • because you want any profits to be immediately available to withdraw
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게시됨 2020-02-21

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