Playing at Cloudbet | No Greater Reward

Earning Loyalty Points

Every single bet you place will earn you Loyalty Points – Whatever the stake, whatever the sport, whatever the odds!

  • Reward points are generated every time you place a bet.
  • The amount of points you are awarded will vary depending on your stake size and price. The higher the stake size and price, the more loyalty points you’ll earn.
  • Reward points are calculated using the following formula:


Loyalty points = ConvertedStake×0.1×PriceScore
The price score is the square root of the odds, minus one (decimal odds). The maximum price score is 1. 


Loyalty points = ConvertedStake×0.008×(100−RTP)

The game score varies depending on the game you play. Slot games earn the most points, blackjack earns the lowest points. 
For example, Live Roulette earns 0.216 points, European Blackjack earns 0.049 points, and The Slotfather earns 0.345 points. 

Play more to earn more points!